Free OCR Nationals ICT 2010 units now available

May 27th, 2010


Welcome to our system for delivery, feedback, tracking and assessment of OCR Nationals ICT 2010. Please take some time to watch a video demonstration before you proceed.

ocr nationals ict free trial

access ocr nationals ict system

You can use this system with our scenarios or purely as an assessment, tracking and feedback tool for your own scenarios. Interactive assessment sheets are now available for Level 2 and Level 3.

  • > Centralise your assessment data for OCR Nationals ICT 2010.

  • > Use our unit scenarios or interactive assessment grids.

  • > Scenarios supported with narration, tutorials and video demonstrations.

  • > Easily track pupil progress through the OCR Nationals ICT course.

  • > Quickly give feedback to pupils on how to improve.

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You are more than welcome to use our OCR Nationals ICT 2010 trial units in your teaching without purchasing access to the full system. Just click here for access. We are currently putting together some resources for the new Cambridge Nationals – they should be ready by September 2012

Mobile version now available

ipod touch

Our mobile version will give you the freedom of movement in your classroom whilst assessing pupils progress through the OCR Nationals ICT 2010 course. Just point your mobile device to :

OCR Nationals ICT 2010 units completed

May 25th, 2010

We are making good progress in completing units for the new OCR Nationals ICT specification.

All Assessment Objective marksheets have been completed for OCR Nationals ICT 2010 and are available.

So far we have written scenarios for :

  • Unit 1 – ICT skills for business
  • Unit 2 – Website design
  • Unit 3 – Digital imaging
  • Unit 4 – Design and produce multimedia
  • Unit 5 – Desktop publishing
  • Unit 6 – Spreadsheets – design and use
  • Unit 8 – Technological innovation and e-commerce
  • Unit 20 – Creating animation for the WWW
  • Unit 21 – Creating computer graphics
  • Unit 22 – Creating sound using ICT
  • Unit 23 – Creating video using ICT

We are now live – take a look at the pupil & teacher demos to see an overview of our system for delivering and managing OCR Nationals ICT 2010.